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Indulge in Natural Luxury: Handmade Organic Lotion Bars for Ultimate Skin Softening


Discover the convenience of our handmade organic lotion bars. These solid bars are meticulously crafted to provide a nourishing touch to your skin, making them perfect for soothing cracked and dry hands, as well as other areas in need of softening.


Each lotion bar is thoughtfully handcarfted using only the finest organic ingredients and a carefully infused calendula herbal oil. Our Calendula lotion bar, in particular, showcases the power of nature's botanicals.


Enriched with the goodness of nourishing beeswax, organic mango butter, and organic shea butter, our Calendula lotion bar deeply hydrates and moisturizes your skin. It is meticulously blended with organic calendula infused olive oil, infused with the potent healing properties of calendula flowers. The aromatic touch of organic essential oils further enhances the indulgent experience.


When you choose our lotion bars, you're embracing the purest form of self-care. Each bar is handcrafted with love and attention, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product for your skin's well-being.


During warmer months (typically June-September), this product may warm in transit. This means it may come a bit softer when it arrives to you, and there is potential for some oil marks on the packaging due to slight melting. It should not warm enough to melt or harm the product itself. We advise sticking your product in the fridge for about 10 minutes upon arrival to help it reach its intended consistency. 


Organic Calendula Beeswax Lotion Bar

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