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About Wellness Practitioner Diana 


Meet Nurse Practitioner Diana: A Journey of Healing and Empowerment

Diana's childhood was marked by the pain of complex trauma, having been abandoned by her parents and separated from her brothers at a young age. Poverty, neglect, and various forms of abuse became her unfortunate reality. In the midst of this adversity, Diana held onto a deep belief that an extraordinary life awaited her.

Seeking a fresh start, Diana relocated to San Diego, driven by her faith, the support of her family, and the guidance of her mentors. She embarked on a profound healing journey, focusing on regulating her nervous system while engaging in mindset work and energy healing. Through alternative modalities such as Reiki, breathwork, yoga, and meditation, she began to process the emotions tied to her past, rediscovering her own inner power.

Diana discovered a wealth of tools and practices that aided her in accepting and loving herself unconditionally. Some of her favorite self-care activities include visualization and meditation, immersing herself in nature, exploring astrology, practicing flow breathwork, journaling, engaging with music, and undergoing energetic and spiritual limpias.

For Diana, true transformation lies at the intersection of introspection and self-kindness. Her qualifications include a Master's degree in Science in Nursing, Board Certified Acute Care Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AC-AGNP), certified Reiki practitioner, and a certified  Flow Breathwork Facilitator. She has also completed an immersive Healing Arts practitioner program and mastermind, studying flow breathwork at both Level 1 and Level 2, sound healing, embodiment coaching, and intuitive entrepreneurship.

Additionally, she has trained and mentored in the essential tools and practices of ancient Mesoamerican shamans and curanderos, particularly the ancient Yucatec Maya and Mexica (Aztec) traditions.

Diana's personal journey of healing and empowerment has equipped her with a unique perspective and a passion for guiding others on their own transformative paths.


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