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Welcome to Nourish You Wellness
By Healing Artist
Diana Alchemy, MSN, ACAGNP

Rose Flower
Pink Blossom

Nourish You Wellness: Transform Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Welcome to our Transformative Coaching &  Somatic Flow breathwork sessions, guided by Diana, a board-certified acute care nurse practitioner, certified in Flow Breathwork & Usui Reiki and Curandera

Diana is passionate about holistically nourishing the whole you, body, mind & spirit. She uses her unique knowledge to guide others in embodying your highest wellness potential through body-mind connection through spirituality, science & performing arts. 

Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, allowing the power of breath, sound & movement to leading you towards greater harmony and inner balance

Introducing Diana: Integrative Medicine Nurse Practitioner's Journey to Balance and Bliss



Diana faced her own health challenges while working on the frontlines during the COVID pandemic. The demands of her job took a toll on her well-being, leading to depression, anxiety, migraines, and eventually burnout. Recognizing the unsustainability of her hectic lifestyle—juggling full-time work, being a student, raising a family, and carrying unprocessed trauma—Diana made a pivotal decision to pursue a transformative change.

Taking a radical approach to her well-being, Diana embarked on a journey of healing and regulating her nervous system. Through dedicated mindset work, somatic healing & energy healing, she bravely confronted and processed deep-rooted emotions linked to her childhood experiences. This transformative process not only allowed her to reclaim he power back but also provided her with valuable life experiences and knowledge to guide others on their own paths towards balance and bliss.

Today, Diana draws upon her personal journey of resilience and growth, combining her professional expertise as a nurse practitioner with her holistic healing practices. Her mission is to empower others in achieving a life of harmony and contentment.

Nourish You Wellness 
1 Hour Session Services

Heart to heart guidance

Heart-to-Heart Guidance: Discover and Achieve Your Health and Wellness Goals through Platica

During our session, I will attentively listen to your needs, concerns, and aspirations. Through open and heartfelt conversation, we will explore and delve deep into your unique health and wellness goals. 

curandera, plant medicine, ancient medicine, holistic medicine

Embrace the Power of Curanderismo Practices: Limpias for Quantum Cleansing

 Experience the transformative practice of Limpias. These sacred rituals serve as powerful cleansings for your physical bodies, energetic fields, particles, and essence on a quantum level. With a diverse array of tools, such as feathers, flowers, and herbs, we embark on a journey of purification and restoration.


Breathwork: Elevate Your Vibrational Frequency: Dive Deep into Transformation

In our session, I will guide you through a breathwork practice allowing you to drop into your body, explore deeper emotions, release tension, gain insights, and connect with your inner self on a profound level.

heailng, crystals, energy healing

Experience the Flow of Life Force Energy: Reiki for Learning, Healing, and Transformation

Through Reiki, we tap into the universal life force energy to bring balance, harmony, and vitality to your being. Whether you seek deep relaxation, physical and emotional healing, or a profound spiritual connection, Reiki has the ability to facilitate transformative experiences.

calm, relax state of being, confidence

Embodiment Coaching: Empowering Your Healing Journey through Self-Awareness and Mindfulness


 I will guide you to utilize the body as a powerful tool for healing and growth. Through self-awareness, mindfulness, and fostering self-acceptance, we empower you to unlock the innate wisdom within your physical being.

balance aura, chakra balance, energy balance

Discover the Power of Bio-Resonance Scanning: Harnessing the Energy within You

 Understanding that everything is energy, we recognize that atoms and molecules continuously vibrate, forming the foundation of the world we inhabit. Through cutting-edge frequency technology, we establish communication with your body, tapping into subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to identify areas that may benefit from assistance.

Yavil Vasquez

I just want to thank you again for that breathwork session. I was able to go really deep with your guidance. Feeling held and the freedom to express emotion without holding back. Your music selection put me in a trance and your loving voice and energy made me feel I like i was guided by an Angel. Thank you again for the amazing breathwork. I look forward in future sessions with you

Shaun Collins

My breathwork session with Diana was powerful, soothing, and insightful! I felt supported throughout the entire session and was able to easily drop into my body and enjoy the experience. Diana’s voice throughout the session was very soft but also powerful and helped to guide me. What I enjoyed most about the experience was that I could truly feel Diana’s energy holding space for me to breathe and release what I was holding onto

 Blanca L.


The experience was very rewarding for me as I was able to become grounded which is something I needed at the time. The comfort and soothing of your voice as you guided me through the beautiful journey of breathwork from beginning to end. I feel that my needs were met by the support you provided

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